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Monday, June 3, 2019

Transformative change is needed

One time Fallbrookian Dan Gluesenkamp co-authored an excellent newspaper opinion with Governor Jerry Brown this week, Finding Hope in the face of Extinction.

The article ran in the San Francisco Chronicle this Sunday. It's easy to be pessimistic in this depressing time with all of the miserable environmental news. Dan and Jerry actually offer us some rare hope here. Once again, California provides a model for change to the rest of the country.
...amid the roar of Silicon Valley traffic, suburban sprawl and an agricultural industry that feeds our nation, we’ve very nearly stopped plant extinction. The list of California native plants now has 22 extinct as we rediscover species — it was 27 a few years ago.
Dan now lives in the Bay Area, he is the executive director of the California Native Plant Society and a long time friend and reader of the blog.

I have written about his important work and mission several times before. Here is a TedTalk by Doctor Gluesenkamp, Dare to end extinction.

Proud of you, Dan! And more importantly, I agree and believe in your message.

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Julie Reeder said...

Thanks. Really enjoyed his talk.