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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Blue Heron Anthology

© Robert Sommers 2019
My old friend Denis wrote the other day, hadn't communicated in ages.

Retired and living amongst the fossils in the burbs of Walnut Creek, he misses his long time haunts in Oakland. More of a street guy really, that Denis.

Denis taught greek and latin for decades at St. Mary's, wrote several outstanding cookbooks, is a poet, knows how to eat and drink, just a true renaissance man.

And he wants a Blue Heron Anthology someday or broached the subject anyway. Likes what I do here. Keep all the short stories and pictures from going down the drain.

I told him that people could worry about that sort of thing when I am gone. Please somebody rescue it all before Google puts it down their garbage disposal.


Anonymous said...

Hey pal. Sorry to hear of your hospitalization. But it sounds like you were back to your old self pretty quick. Love that story about lady and Japanese pottery. As far as Dylan review (not really a review since you neither saw the tour or the movie) I really think you missed a lot. First of all the Star of the movie is absolutely Alllen Ginsberg and there is a lot of amazing behind the scene stuff. And I would take that tour over any recent Dylan performance any day.


island guy said...

Like the anthology idea. You’ve done some very good stuff. Do a readers poll to select, throw in some writings and other of your favorites, and it’s an ebook. See if any of your artist friends will do an archival hard copy in exchange for some dead stock they are enamored of, and you have something that is uniquely Robert Sommers.