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Monday, June 10, 2019

Sour Milk Sea (Esher Demo)

Another song of Harrison's, along with the djangoey Not guilty, that George should have been allowed to put on the White Album. Eventually it was given to Apple protege Jackie Lomax. No wonder George had a chip on his shoulder. They wouldn't record his songs.

The called the White Album the Tension album. Paul pissing everybody off. Yoko doing her thing. John and Yoko taking heroin, Paul drinking. George Martin quitting, Ringo quitting (at least for a week), Geoff Emerick quits, interminable retakes of Paul's songs upsetting the apple cart.

Even so, these Esher demos from May of 1968, recorded at Harrison's estate Kinfauns, for one of the greatest Beatle's albums, are a revelation, all twenty seven of them. I think the Dear Prudence is far superior to the finished product, as are many of the raw tracks.  Each song is fresh and a new peak inside. The guitar playing on the entire demo album is simply sublime, imo Prudence is much better without Paul's booming bass.

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