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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

All clear

I had consulted the county website and believed I read that I could obtain a rapid test at Cal State San Marcos this morning, for free.

I steered clear of humans today and headed down. There was a huge line and it was quite hot. 

For a second I got too close to a mother and her child in front of me and was on the receiving end of a whole bunch of self righteous virtue signalling about proper social distancing. My bad.

You scan a q code in line in order to make your appointment.  God forbid you don't have a phone with a camera these days, you won't be able to see a menu at a restaurant or get your covid test.

I finally make it through the line, an hour and a half in and am told that they are not giving rapid tests, that instead they are giving PCR tests, just like I had last night.

Oh well, might as well get another. The response time is supposed to be two to three days but the guy told me it is usually less than 18 hours in real time. Gets emailed to you. What the hell? I had already spent two hours of my life in the pursuit and the answer to my health question was pivotal for the rest of my month, as well as the health of some people I had inadvertently come in contact with.

But I was still cutting it too close. So I stopped at the Urgent Care in Fallbrook on Alvarado and Brandon and forked over a hundred bucks for the rapid test. 

Filled out more paperwork and stared at the wall, logistically figuring out how I would move forward with either possible answer. Lady came in and swabbed me, weighed me and took my blood pressure.

Got the answer in about twenty minutes. I am in the clear. Whew!

What a 24 hours this has been.