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Friday, July 19, 2019


Marvin Joseph - Washington Post
Mona Charen is a conservative writer at National Review that wrote an excellent piece today, False Racism Accusations Don’t Excuse the Real Thing.
Every Republican who is reflexively defensive of Trump’s blatant nativism and racism should put him or herself in the shoes of immigrants and minorities. How can they not feel frightened when he is willing to stoke such ugly flames? How can they avoid remembering the Chinese Exclusion Act, the internment of Japanese Americans, and going back to pre–Civil War days, the repeated efforts to deport African Americans through colonization?
That is part of what Trump has dredged up. It seems that he is out to prove that there is no bottom to what Republicans will accept.
I rarely agree with Mona but I think she hits it out of the park here. Her opinion is both objective and courageous and I am sure she will be lambasted for it by those on the right. Liberals need to stop calling out everything as racist in such a kneejerk fashion and conservatives need to cop to it when it actually occurs.

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