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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Black moon

"And behold," hearkened the sage. "There shall be a time during the Mahayuga known as the black moon. This will signal the end of the age known as Devapara and augur the commencement of Kali's reign of destruction. Woe to those caught in its dark shadow. As the seer Tārānātha once wrote, the occasion of a doubled new moon in the Krishna Paksha will cause the world to tremble and the firmament to quake. Beware.

Son will slay father, parents will destroy their own children, children will see their parents and not know them, lover will betray lover. Does it not say in the Upanishads that the dire wolf feeds on the meek and the innocent? Morality breaks down completely. Cats will chase dogs. Men will be enslaved. The earth, water and air will be plundered and the people sickened.

For the demon Kali कलि works towards the death and not the rejuvenation of our world. He who is named Ghandarva, he who is the color of soot and dung and bears the smell of rotting flesh. 

The book of Purana says that the wicked shall prosper in the time of the Kali Yuga, the righteous in the worlds to come. Look at those who are prospering during the Kali yuga with no small dollop of suspicion, my friends.

Do not fret, my children, the term of the Kali Yuga is only 432,000 solar years, a mere twinkling of time before the good Lord Kalkin, the binder, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, mounts his white steed Devadatta and returns from Shambala with his fiery sword to do battle with his nemesis Kali. Is Kalkin not named the remover of darkness? Are we not promised that he will restore dharma and justice and punish the evildoers? Praise Kalkin.

The world will be utterly destroyed in the resultant cataclysm but like a new shoot sprouting from the stump of an old oak, the Satya Yuga of the next cycle is sure to begin again. 

Devadatta will snort and stamp the earth with his right hoof, causing the tortoise who supports our world to drop it into the unlimited abyss. Then the earth will be restored. Be happy and rest assured. Good times are approaching, albeit in 10 charaṇas or 4,320,000 million years. Chill. This is but a blink of an eye to our Lord Brahma."

"Hide your light, good peoples. Consider the behavior and example of the Prince Chi, who lived at the court of the evil tyrant Chou Hsin. Did not Lord Kṛṣṇa  कृष्ण foretell that the Kali Yuga will be full of extreme hardships for people with ideals and values? Do not proclaim thy righteousness, nor travel through the difficult mountain passes or attempt to navigate the world's waters during this time. All this is foretold in Brahma-vaivarta Purana 4.129."


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