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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

You can start me up.

I had my titration study for my sleep apnea last night in Temecula. I showed up at 8:30. A girl leads you into a very nice and clean suite and starts attaching sensors all over you.

You get fitted with a variety of masks in hoping finding one that you can live with or at least sleep with.

I went through about five or six different ones in the course of the night.

They continually increase your oxygen level until you land in the safe zone. I evidently suffer from hypoxemia amongst other things.

It was a difficult night. I have allergies and got very congested with the nose breather.

Then I got very dry. The study assistant is on call for any noise in the room. Get this thing off me, I need water!

She adjusted the gear but I never found anything that really worked or that I think I could live with through the normal night.

They release you at five in the morning. I have a client coming in in twenty minutes to look at a painting so it has been a long day, a day that I have spent with an awful  lot of adhesive residue in my hair. Can't wait to get home and get a shower. And hopefully a decent night's sleep.

She said I was in deep rem sleep for much of the night and I should feel refreshed. I don't.

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