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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Fallbrook Vintage Swap Meet

I had an idea the other day.  Four in the morning thing. I am a part owner of a large parking lot centrally located in my town. There are no antique shows this Covid impacted year and only Long Beach is open as a Flea Market as far as I know at this point.

My fellow antique dealers and I have been hurting, some worse than others. In California, events like antique shows that we count on to make a living are not permitted. But swap meets are. Why not have a monthly swap meet in the parking lot?

I checked with my fellow owners, they were all for it. So I sent this letter to Collector Magazine yesterday:

I copied a whole bunch of dealers I know, thanks to a couple great promoters who have offered to help, Rosemary and April. The response in the last 24 hours has been incredible, with many people requesting booths and one person already wanting two booths. Several people have already claimed my couch. Don't think that is going to happen, frankly.

I will be handing these flyers out to a few people at Long Beach tomorrow.

I will apply for my permit at the Sheriff's Department Monday. There are a million logistical things to consider, trashcans, toilets, move in lines, space layout and marking, insurance, manpower, tickets, waivers and releases, it is endless. I want to find a great food truck, do you know of any? Might even get some music for the first one. If it doesn't work out it will be a hell of a party and the pub is across the alley. Thankfully, some excellent dealers want to participate, think everything will work out peachy.

I am thinking of holding some spaces open so normal folk can get in on the fun too. Will see how it all shakes out. Maybe a plant seller, a bakery booth would be nice too.

If I missed contacting you and you want to get on my list, or if you know someone with a good attitude and interesting material please email me and let me know. This thing will work if the people of Fallbrook and North County find out about it and come visit. So when I get the okay it will be very important to really let it go on social media and spread the word.

If the experiment works it will continue, as long as it is necessary and fun for everybody and people make some money.

Let me know what you think.

The Colonel. Have to find me a hat...


Jon Harwood said...

That is a tremendous idea. Stock up on Ibuprofen though as the ringmaster of this kind of thing gets exposed to a lot of "interesting" people.

Juliah said...

I love this! Really cool idea, Robert! Please let me know if I can be of assistance. This feels like the sort of thing that will fit right in with the upcoming weekend vibe on Main Avenue! Hope it works out.