Thursday, September 17, 2020

Voodoo Child

Kip sent this over today:

From Boing Boing

A few days ago, this video of Hendrix performing "Voodoo Child" on Maui in 1970 was loaded to YouTube. This is part of an upcoming November release of the legendary Maui concert that Hendrix did as part of the psychedelic train wreck of a film known as Rainbow Bridge.

As far as I know, the complete concert footage has never been released. The Rainbow Bridge "soundtrack" that was released posthumously doesn't include anything actually recorded on Maui. This performance has always been something of a holy grail to Hendrix fans as many claim it was Jimi at the height of his inventive powers.

The documentary film, Music, Money, Madness, and the Maui Live concert recording will be released on November 20th.

Interesting. Finally. A good friend of mine was part of the Rainbow Bridge production team. I was just hunting for the first part of the song the other day when the sky turned a fiery red and could only find the slight return.

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