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Monday, September 7, 2020

Shots in the dark

For some reason I decided to take a picture of some new pottery in my possession with the lights off in the gallery today. Stuck the camera on a high ISO and snapped the shutter a couple times. Then put it in aperture at base and liked it even better. I have been using the flash a lot lately but I prefer natural light.

I received the beginning stages of a giant collection of early California pottery, with some Ohio pieces mixed in, like this rare Futura lamp. The fellows collected it for about forty years but are now going into an assisted living home and I am going to help disburse it.

I love the quality of the oranges and reds in the early Bauer, Pacific and Catalina pottery. Very earthy and beautiful, some made with uranium glazes. There is a fair amount of Roseville and Van Briggle. Some chips, some hairlines but still a very neat grouping, of which I show only a fraction.

My gallery is so filled to the brim right now it is ridiculous.

I blame my mentor, Bob Kaplan, when people remark about how much is here. Just trying to follow my role model.

Note the two Mario Torres Palm Tree lamps in the back. Almost finished putting the second one back together.

I was talking to my friend Michael in Denver yesterday and we both shared and ultimately agreed that covid has turned us back into general line antique dealers again, like we started out before we got so hip and specific.

Looking more for value now and accepting of anything good, not so worried about it fitting into a look.

It is actually more fun this way and I am really enjoying the experience.

My late mother, a general line dealer, would be proud!


JeffN said...

LOVE that low light high ISO shot of the pottery.

Blue Heron said...

All about the tripod. Low iso, aperture priority, take all the time you need and let her rip.