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Friday, September 25, 2020

Xiaoma's NYC Noodle Crawl

Ari is my favorite polyglot, guy learns a new language in two days. I love his videos. Usually he is showing off his language facility, this is his first straight food review. As a noodle lover, makes me want to head for Chinatown. When I was a kid in the city our favorite place was called Hung Wa and we would order snails in black bean sauce. You  never see that on the west coast. When dinner was done they would pour your leftover tea on the table to clean up. Sadly, I think Hung Was burned down years ago. I have a medical procedure Friday, think we will go for hand pulled noodles at Shan Xi Magic Noodles on Convoy if I am feeling up to it afterwards.

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Liz said...

We also are a lot of doughy steamed pork buns. I miss them a lot, along with the snails and the clams.