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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

American Indian Art Virtual Show


Nampeyo of Hano - Hopi polychrome seed jar - circa 1900
Sikyátki revival style - Blue Heron Gallery
I am busy getting ready to do a show in February, the 37th annual American Indian Art Show, now in its virtual edition. 

It will be new territory for me, my first virtual show.

I get thirty selling slots for my booth, the show runs four days and then disappears. It is slated for February 24th through 28th of 2021.

Panamint basket with bighorn sheep and woven bird quill
Blue Heron Gallery

I am not sure if it will be successful for me but the promoter is a dear friend who has been very good to me and I needed to support him now, plain and simple. 

Will be good advertising for my new collection in any case and who knows, I might get a few sales?

It is being held in tandem with the long running Tribal & Textile Art show.

It is funny, there are some very good dealers exhibiting and my competitive juices are already flowing! I have been very busy taking photographs and trying to decide what to show and what to leave behind. Don't want to look like a dork.

More information about the shows and early buy in can be found here. Hope you get a chance to visit. I will remind you again when the show opens.

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