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Friday, January 15, 2021

Great News


First the great news. My wonderful friend Bruce the locksmith is alive. A truck pulled out right in front of him on Mission the other day and Bruce clipped the rear panel and then careened into a telephone pole.

The telephone pole snapped in two and smashed square onto the top of Bruce's PT Cruiser. He totaled the car but he walked away miraculously.  Couple bruises on his arm.

It was the other guy's fault according to the cops. It also cut off power to a large swath of Fallbrook, we didn't get it back until two o'clock that night.

Bruce sent me this picture the other day before the accident. Rainbow must have brought him good luck. So glad he is okay.


I had a cystoscopy today, a three month post cancer surgery screening. I am not sure why I have been nervous about this one but I honestly have.

Leslie offered to drive me down to Mercy Hospital where my urologist practices. The news would either be good or bad, my life now built in ninety day increments.

We decided to grab lunch first and try a new place we had been reading about, Catalina Offshore Products, a fresh fish market. Well the place is not new new, been around for forty years, but new to us anyway.

The reader did a story on it a few weeks ago and raved about the place.

You see, not only is it a bustling fish market, they have a local rock star sushi chef, Joey Maldonado, working four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday, from ten to two.

Grouper was beautiful

Joey, a very affable guy, is a culinary school grad who has worked at the best places in town including Harney and Tabu as well as Leslie's favorite spot in Escondido. 

The man obviously has a passion for fish. He is also a North County local.

I didn't want to hex my day and celebrate too soon, like calling a perfect game in the eighth inning and inviting disaster.

But we went and had him make us a feast anyway, screw it.

And he did.

Toro, Japanese mackerel, delectable halibut, salmon and snow crab, the place totally rocks.

Leslie and I drove to Balboa Park and had a picnic off Upas amongst the street people, I had a blanket in the back of the car. We went for it. 

Washed it down with a local soda or two, Coffee Vanilla and Ginger Ale from Swell.

You can not find better or fresher fish than Catalina. Bought "broken shrimp" to take home too. We spent a fortune but it was worth it and I can't wait to go back.

5202 Lovelock St. Bay Park
 (619) 297-9797

Afterwards I went to the doctor and had my procedure. I also got great news, bladder is staying pretty much the same, no new cancer. Miracle. Good to go for three more months or 10k miles, whichever comes first.

We stopped at Einsteins for a couple bagels, can't find a decent one in Fallbrook and then a short popover at Spicy City for hunan style cumin lamb for tonight's dinner.

I am celebrating man. Me and Bruce, we are still standing.

Business was good this week, had a nice sale and a wonderful gift. I also got this beautiful 25 x 30" Maurice Braun oil painting back from the restorer yesterday. Braun was arguably our greatest San Diego painter and this is a very good one. I don't get them that often so I thought I would show it off.

It is titled In the Valley on the back and I think the palette is more fall or late summer than spring. Great composition and not over sweetened. Hell, maybe it is spring. What the hell do I know?

I like how the evening rays are just hitting the top of the mountain on the left. Stop by the gallery and take a look if you feel like it.


Ken Seals said...

That's wonderful news for Bruce and you!!
Seems like this post would have made for two or three based on the material.

Blue Heron said...

That bugs you, huh Ken?

Ken Seals said...

It's my job as your editor to point that out :-)

Victoria Roberts Art Assemblage said...

I love you man! So glad you are well. Hope to see you again when you come out this way.Love the music too. Glad to have you in my life. Hang in there, OK? XOXO V

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the great news. Between this and your birthday wish for a new President coming true, I would recommend buying lottery ticket for tomorrow's drawing.

Blue Heron said...

Not a bad idea.

Liz said...

So glad you are feeling well! If you’re interested, I talked with my doctor today and he explained the last Mri to me. I simply don’t speak radiology. Definitely going ahead with the surgery February 25. He also put me on the semi urgent list for the vaccine. Want it before I get cut open.

Face it, we are getting old. I do like having Leslie as a friend on Facebook

Wicki said...

That is wonderful news all around and a welcome relief from an unrelenting intensity....and you do know how to celebrate! Hallelujah­čî┐

Jon Harwood said...

Sincere congratulations on your warranty extension.