Egret and crab

Friday, January 29, 2021

Before the rain

I decided to work a half day yesterday and head out to the wildlife preserve in the afternoon. Honestly I have not had a day off in three weeks, been working weekends getting ready for my virtual show. So I was due. Supposed to pour and I might not not have another chance for a while.

Every time I go out and get to enjoy an evening there I realize it is the best time of day. The longer the better. Even beats the sunrise.

Was cool and I kept a jacket on. Got a nice walk in. I called the ranger before I left and he told me that certain roads were closed including the Walker Ponds. I made due.

I shot and juggled three lenses. I wish that I could afford another camera body but I can't and want to wait for a D850 successor in any case.

So every turn found me having to swap a lens.

It is like that sometimes.

Loved the warm evening light.

I made a dumb move that I didn't realize until now as I process the pictures. Had the exposure compensation down a stop all day. Easily fixed but rookie move nonetheless.

Sat in my car and watched a male harrier stalk its prey against a lovely cirrus sky for a while.

The views of San Jacinto and Gorgonio are pretty spectacular right now.

And I never made contact with another human all day.

Sort of how I like it.

I did see a large flock of cattle egrets. Notice their brown brow.

Here is a snowy egret for comparison.

A stately bird in the evening light.

On this shot I didn't have a chance to adjust my speed to my customary 1/2500th of a second for birds in flight. I shot at 1/800th. Soft if you are a pixel peeper but still acceptable. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

A red shouldered hawk hiding in the trees.

Some northern shovelers coming in for a landing.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are duck hunting days. Somebody left a decoy.

Loggerhead Shrike

I didn't get a good shot but this is the back end of a female vermilion flycatcher. I saw the male last time. They are both beautiful.

I saw a lovely and well fed feral cat hunting yesterday, also a first for me there.

And that is all I got for now. Back to work!


Ken Seals said...

Enjoyed all the photos but most seem way too dark to me. Will look forward to seeing how they look on your screen when I see you on Monday. :-)

Blue Heron said...

It was dark. I was trying to be accurate.

Blue Heron said...

It was dark. I was trying to be accurate.

Ken Seals said...