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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Partisan hypocrisy

 Good article over at the American Independent House GOP suddenly objects to executive orders after 4 years of silence.

This week, House Republicans are slamming President Joe Biden's use of executive orders in his first few days in office — despite the fact that Trump issued more executive orders on average per year than any other White House occupant in 40 years.

All told, Trump signed 220 executive orders in his four years in office. By contrast, Obama issued 276 in eight years, former President George W. Bush 291 in eight years, and former President Bill Clinton issued 364 in eight years.


Sanoguy said...

The Republicans have never heard of the word “hypocrisy!”

Anonymous said...

The New York Time was critical of Biden, "ease up on the executive orders, Joe"

The Repubs had no issue with the number, just the content.
Why end pipeline and drilling jobs when so many people are out of work? Makes no sense!
Are you going to quit using fossil fuel, if so you should have left that rabbit under your
I agree with cleaner energy sources, but we don't have enough yet. Keep us energy independent.
A troubling order was his decision to damage title 9. Wake up Joe! Not being smart! So much
for the party of "Science" STOP THE IDENTITY POLITICS!
As bad as CAL wanting to overturn their anti discrimination statue so they could give perks to certain identity groups...more idiots!
And now Joe and his minions want to abolish or weaken the first amendment...You said he was smart? Come on Man

I'm glad you are feeling better...

Blue Heron said...

I loathed Trump's policies and am happy to see them ended. Not going to cry tears because Canada can't sell its oil to Europe fast enough. The permanent jobs created under Keystone were minimal.