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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Hall of Famer Paul Westphal

I am a San Diego State Aztec basketball fan and alum. When I was young I was a UCLA Bruin fan as both of my parents were Bruins and how could you not love a team that had Alcindor, Shackleford, Goodrich, Wilkes and Walton?

UCLA usually mopped up on the USC Trojans in basketball, not so in football or baseball.

But the Trojans had one great basketball player, Paul Westphal, a Redondo Beach native. I think he was the best they ever had. He was phenomenal and demanded respect from everybody, including UCLA. He was a very special player and a great pro, playing twelve seasons and coaching in both the college and pros. It is tough celebrating a Trojan but he deserves the highest praise if you love the game of basketball.

He just passed from brain cancer and we should honor the memory of this great competitor. A tremendous talent.


Sanoguy said...

Paul went to Aviation High School in Redondo Beach. I went to the next door high school.. Mira Costa. Paul was a year or two behind me. A number of my friends went to Aviation and I went to a few of their games. I saw Paul play his first high school basketball game.... he was a freshman playing Varsity. A rare thing at that time. He was a great one!

Blue Heron said...

That is very cool, Mike.

Sanoguy said...

I am not a huge B Ball fan, but. I did follow his career a bit since I felt I had a connection with him, even if it was a very minor one..