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Friday, January 8, 2021

Post tide

With our country having recently teetered this close to insurrection and martial law, it is certainly no time to gloat at the Trump immolation. And I will not. But I have reread my blog from November and December of 2016 and will say that I accurately predicted then that in the end his inevitable implosion would take nearly all of his supporters down with him. This thing was never going to end well.

And it has. In the end the rats are scurrying off the deck as fast as their little legs can carry them. It was a faustian bargain and only Mitch McConnell can tell you if it was worth it or not. He certainly put his judges in. But the damage to the country and to the GOP in the future is hard to fathom today.

We know how many people in the Republican party were content to look the other way, on so many issues. Makes you wonder if there are any bedrock principles left that they truly believe in?

The country needs to be smudged, cleaned and utterly disinfected to get the Trump grifter stink out of the national upholstery. And the kraken, the Manchurian Maga wackadoodles that have become a national force and believed the ridiculous and sordid Q canon, it is not like they are going away anytime soon. Can't put that genie back in the bottle. Dangerous to weaponize stupid.

But thankfully this time, a few people did step up, even the Senate Majority Leader and the Vice President and said "There is a line we will not cross" and all I can say is, bully for them. We got another shot to straighten ourselves up and fix things.

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