Egret and crab

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


My neighbor Steph just came back from the Sierras and sends this pretty picture she took through her car window. Clouds blanketing the peaks, lovely.

Mike sent another Salton Sea shot. Too good to resist.

Dave went back on memory lane and sent a picture of himself, Ricardo and I at the beach from way back. I guess I had a gut in my youth as well. 

Managed to have fun anyway. We all used to have a great time at the beach, very solid beach group. I miss the beach but I don't miss the traffic and compression.

I forget who sent me this picture of the newest cellmates but I thought it was cute as well.


shawnintland said...

Yobro, that's not Ricardo! Take another look, he probably 'took' the photo. Believe that was a 'Fungi-Friday' at Stone Steps, below 246 Neptune. Funny enough, rummaging through a box in my basement I also found some "Big Dave" shots from the old Johnston College days.


shawnintland said...

PS I think that photo depicts the only way we found that we could walk that day!

Blue Heron said...

Whoops, so it was a six footed psychedelic crawl, was it?

shawnintland said...

How did we ever make it back up Stone Steps???
What a fitting name!
That was back in your big time 'developer' days, driving a Bm'er and feasting mightily!

island guy said...

Abs a dead giveaway

Blue Heron said...

Shawn was living on marlboros and haagen daz rum raisin back then.