Raven at San Jacinto

Friday, January 22, 2021

Heads Up.


I stopped at the mailbox on my way to work and pulled this envelope out. Looks like junk mail, right? It's not. It is your Economic Impact money from the government. There is a debit card inside.

I almost threw mine away. Six hundred bucks. Not sure where Leslie's is, hope it didn't get tossed. I went online and activated the card. It is legitimate. Apparently a lot of people think it is a junk mail phishing scam like I initially did.

It is not. Be careful.


"If your Card is discarded or destroyed," according to the EIPCard.com site, "it is important that you call Customer Service at 800-240-8100 immediately and select the 'Lost/Stolen' option." 


Anonymous said...

Me too I almost dropped it in the garbage after shredding it, then decided to call and check it out



Wicki said...

I did a double take myself.... good on you postinng this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you! I threw mine away will check the trash and call if I can’t find it
I am SO gratefulšŸ¤—

Barbara Finwall said...

I threw mine in the trash but then did a double-think and fished it out. Who in the world was in charge of that? As if we didn't know! So happy that things are going to change now!

Anonymous said...

We almost threw ours away too.