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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Coastal play day

I played a little hooky today and drove over to San Elijo to take a walk around the lagoon with my friend Bob. 

I am not sure I have taken a decent picture of a reddish egret before but I did today.

Nice to snag something that doesn't show up that often even when you aren't slinging your best camera rig around.

Not sharp but not terrible.

It was cool out but still a perfect day to take a walk on the coast, hang out with a buddy and ditch work.

Bob is a very smart guy and is formulating a new study of vision of proportional harmonics that I find most interesting.

There was a lot of interesting waterfowl around. 

This is  a 
male northern pintail.

Had me a real good time.

I am not sure what this bird is but if I had to guess I would say a blue gray gnatcatcher or a vireo of some kind.

A lot of pretty hummers today, Allens and Annas. This one has no alteration or adjustment whatsoever.

Don't need shit.

The day was going along so nicely and swimmingly that when I took my leave of Bob I decided to take the rest of the day off. I am over sixty, I can now do that if I want. Most of my peers are retired, I can take a day off if I care to. Alligators at my ankles can take a day off too.

I went over to Ron and Lenas and had a cup of tea and a biscuit or five. Long chat in their beautiful garden, properly masked of course. Went out for a marginal sea bass burrito afterwards in Leucadia. Hooked it up to Grandview and watched some nice surf roll in.

Place used to be my home turf once upon a time, my playground when I lived on Lorraine and Avocado. Lots of good times. Hard to get out of your system.


Anonymous said...

It does look like a blue-gray gnatcatcher nice photos
you should do an ebird entry on your birding adventures
Beth C

island guy said...

I’m excited to know that there are reddish egrets! Blue Heron blog supporting avian diversity.