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Friday, January 8, 2021

Kindred Coffee

I have lost count how many owners we have had at the local coffee shop since it's inception. Eight? Nine? Why it seems like only yesterday Jim Tudor was making us all creamed chip beef... Anyway, there is a new one. Has been since Thanksgiving.

Her name is Laura and I think the change is going to be good. The name is going to be changed from the horrid Coffee, corks and cuisine to Kindred Coffee, a much better appellation. Laura seems to be a genuinely warm and nice person and she is a great baker.

We have ran the gamut at Cafe Primo, or whatever it is called, Espresso Lounge, I forget. The food has ranged from Costco store bought to the excellent Geds, who brokered great pastries. The last owner's stuff was decent but really expensive.

Laura made fresh apple cinnamon muffins yesterday that were just perfect. Today I tried her cheese danish. I didn't really like the layout and composition of the confection and told her and rather than cop an attitude, she changed it and the final result was perfect and scrumptious.

It is a pleasure to order again, I hope she upgrades the coffee beans a skoche. I look forward to what she does with the place and the adjacent kitchen in the months ahead. Think it will be a winner.

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Koop said...

Nothing quite like fresh baked goods with a good cup of coffee!