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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday musing


Gavilan Sunset

I hope that you have had a nice weekend after what has been a pretty traumatic week for most of us. I suppose that some thrive on discord and chaos, maybe they had a peach of a time? Scared the rest of us, even those prescient enough to have seen it coming. Trump or not, we have two distinct world views going and they could not be further apart. The potential for further trouble is very real.

Like this guy for instance. Claims the insurrectionists showed remarkable restraint in not executing lawmakers.  John Guandolo is a Naval Academy grad, ex military and FBI. Begs the question how many of the people supposedly protecting our lawmakers think exactly like he does?

I can break bread with a lot of people and put differences aside but draw a line at people like this, sorry. We will never see eye to eye.

Anyway, didn't mean to get political again. I had a good day in the shop yesterday and a pleasant Sunday so far. Leslie made me a good cup of coffee, a nice pulled pork burrito with Rosa's green sauce and sour cream and gave me a haircut, which was sorely needed.

I drove to the shop, have almost finished cataloguing my Southwest baskets, my second basket category. 

About five more tomorrow morning and I will have it finished, at least with the first batch. The Great Basin and Northwest Coast come next and then I can start on pottery.

I am going to do a virtual show for Kim and John and need to get that together soon as well. I am a little foggy on the concept of a virtual show and not entirely optimistic. 

Not an inexpensive undertaking for something that will depart in four days without a digital trace.

However friends of mine have done them and said they got good sales and clients from them. And John and Kim have been very good to me over the years and I need to pay it back. So I will keep my fingers crossed and figure at least I will save on hotels and gas.

I do prefer to sell in person. Antiques and art are a visceral and tactile medium and it is hard to transmit their warmth and smell and my enthusiasm over a cold digital medium. There are times when even your scribe and favorite misanthrope is a people person. I hope that my material is good enough and that I don't embarrass myself.


Had a hard time going to sleep last night. Funny enough, couldn't stop thinking of my dad. The good times that we shared and there were plenty. Ball games, fishing trips, blackjack junkets, great meals, travel to Africa, Canada and Hawaii. I ran through so much in my mind.

We had our ups and downs but I tell you, he was there for me when I really needed him. Bailed me out of jail once at three in the morning after a kerfuffle with a cop at a Grateful Dead concert at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Didn't bust my ass either, just took care of me.

He really loved me and Buzz and we loved him. I hope that I told him that enough. He wasn't perfect but neither are we, we all do our best. We did a lot for each other, like families are supposed to. Had so many great times. 

He loved math, supercalc 5, a good top sirloin, opera, basketball, his darkroom, fuschias, building perfect architectural models, his wife, Shela. He was a very smart and talented man. A true renaissance man.

Now Buzz is gone and Dad is gone and my memory of our great times together is all that is left. No one else but me knows what went down back then.  I miss the hell out of them both.

Loved my mother too but had a hard time living any closer than three thousand miles from her.

But you know there was a time? I can remember getting a kiss from her every day before school. Maybe it was the fourth grade, I was late for the bus and I ran off without my kiss without connecting with her.

It felt weird but I had to scoot. I remember when I got home that day, she had apparently cried all day. She was still shaken. The first day without a kiss from her eldest son had honestly devastated her.

That is love too.

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lizzy said...

She might have been one of the world’s crazy/difficult people, but we all always knew that she loved us.