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Friday, January 22, 2021

Republican Chutzpah

Joe Biden has been President two days and he is already deepening the divisions. Since when did the GOP care about divisions? Certainly not before November sixth. The party that refused to compromise on anything and was too lame to even put out a promised national healthcare plan because of internal divisions now wants the Dems to capitulate on everything. For national unity of course...

And funny to see the pipeline and energy companies start talking about sensible environmental regulations suddenly. They were only too happy to pollute when they had the free reign of the Trump administration.


The head of the Wyoming GOP is talking about secession. It might not be such a good idea.

...the U.S. federal government owns almost half of Wyoming’s land.

Additionally, the Cowboy State depends heavily on Uncle Sam’s pursestrings: Federal funds have accounted for 33.5 to 48 percent of the Cowboy State’s revenue throughout the past two decades, according to the Star Tribune.

All that plus a paltry GDP of $40.4 billion makes any “Wyexit” a flatly terrible idea. If Wyoming were a country, its GDP would rank between Paraguay and Tunisia.


MAGArat put on no-fly list, cries like a baby. 


Sanoguy said...

I think that if the “donor” States seceded, that would not be such a bad thing. The donor States are mostly the Red States.

Anonymous said...

I am also amazed by all this sudden talk about unity from the very people who want to break things apart. This is such a strange sickness, delusion and disfunction I never thought people in such numbers would be capable of. And we have to live with them. I'm hearing we have to bring friends who believe this shit gently into reality, but I'm personally finding it hard to contain my fury at them. ~ Diane O

Jon Harwood said...

So far it is tracking the early days of the Obama admin. Refusal to capitulate totally is framed as refusing unity. Who knows what trajectory the Republicans will settle on? I think they are still in shock and just resorting to the "muscle memory" of the Obama years to guide themselves while they figure out what the hell they will do, if anything. Just opposing everything and hollering to high heaven seems to be a good replacement for any sort of direction much as "Whatever Trump wants" substituted for having a party platform in 2020/.