Jelly, jelly so fine

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday stuff


My variegated agave is throwing a beautiful spike this week. Will be interesting to see how large it gets and how colorful and wonderful.

Sometimes a flower means the end of the line for the mother plant. I am not sure with this one but I hope not. It is a favorite in my garden.

Kat Joy asked if it was too late for the annual 2020 photo submission? Uh, ya. But it is pretty enough to post right now.

April sent over this nice Dave Barry summation of the year that never should have been.

I recently got a wonderful collection of native american items in. I went into the shop and finished cataloguing one of four categories of baskets today, the California baskets

Rest to follow as soon as I can finish it.

Shawn sent a picture of a Thai water retriever from Lamai Beach. Nice.

Bill offered this neat video.

And this from Joel. Says it all.