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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Time to sow

Bill Olson told me about a cool thing this morning at coffee. Dollar Tree is selling good size boxes of wildflower seed for a buck. Quite a deal when you consider how much you pay for the little envelopes.

At coffee I met some nice nurserymen from Arizona looking to buy or lease a yard in Fallbrook for their plants. Talked for a while. Afterwards I headed down to the Dollar Store and bought eight boxes of seeds. Wildflowers for shade, wildflowers for sun, wildflowers for birds and butterflies, they had all sorts of things.

Will sprinkle them around before the next rain comes on Friday. Every box. Go to town. Let nature do the rest. Place should look pretty fabulous come spring. Probably should have grabbed the marigold mix too.

Not much to do with these things. They like to be planted the height of the seed so if you step on the area and compress a little bit after seeding you should be good to go.

If you need some head down quick, the girl says that they sell out fast. Thanks Bill!

Postscript - Steph sent me this note: those little boxes really produce. This was last spring. Sow on...

Thanks, Stephanie, I am in.

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Liz said...

Nobody needs marigolds