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Friday, May 29, 2020

Amber moon, Fallbrook

The moon you see here in the sky before you actually appeared in that very same spot.

Over Fallbrook, California.

It is not a chimera or a simulacrum.

It was not photographed separately and pasted in, nor made to look as large as a basketball.

I am so freaking old school. It rose up in the sky and I snapped its picture!

Sorry about the smog bank, that was out of my control.

I just finished the revised Photoshop course I am writing and it has been sent out for edit.

I am now creating a new Adobe Lightroom course curriculum.

Very helpful to teach, you end up learning a lot that you had either forgotten or never even knew.

I am enjoying the process and going through my library deciding which of my pictures to put in the course for exercises.

One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is that you have to be a fierce editor.

I took nineteen hundred and sixty four shots of hummingbirds the other day, less than ten are even close to being acceptable. Hit that delete button, especially if you find yourself making subtle excuses to yourself as to why something that is substandard might be actually acceptable. Don't fool your self.

Be as critical as you possibly can.

If you fancy yourself to be an artist of any kind, you better give yourself high standards to live up to. Don't settle. Or else you are just a plain old hack.


island guy said...

Thanks for sparing us the other 1962. Bigger thanks for sharing these two.

Ken Seals said...

Nice work. "Just hit that delete button" :-)