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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bird's nest season

It appears to be that time of the year. A few weeks ago, my friend Robin alerted me to the fact that she had an interesting bird nesting on her porch. I sent pictures of it to ace birder, resident expert Ken Weaver, he said that it was a Pacific Slope Flycatcher and it was rare for them to nest in a human structure like this. Tend to like riparian stumps by creeks.

She looked up the bird's song online (easy for her, being a singer) and said that he was absolutely correct.

I went over with my outfit today and snapped a few shots of the clan.

Three little birdies were chirping away and it didn't take long for mom to show up with food. A mosquito hawk of some kind.

I was not that successful with my new flash but I am still dialing it in. The D850 is so good in low light that I took it off, didn't really need it.

If you see any cool nests around, do give me a call if you are local. Thanks to Robin and Dave for letting me swing by. And to Ken Weaver for the expert help.

Postscript: Timing is everything. She called me to talk about the nest at noon. I showed up at 1:00 this afternoon and took my shots. A couple hours later the young birds flew away. Robin says that they have been mightily flapping their wings of late. So I could not have hit the window more perfectly. Very lucky. Glad I didn't wait.


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your bird shots. These are absolutely wonderful, as usual. Thanks.

Ken Seals said...

all very nice!