Peregrine flight

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday stuff

Heidi Becker's daughter Jess up in Oregon has adopted a couple baby squirrels orphans. Very cool.

Jon Harwood caught this shot at the Park and Ride in Fallbrook the other day. Talk about decisive moment.

Michael Loughlin snapped a picture of his very favorite hue of orange.

I like it too. My favorite cultivar of rose is Brass Band, which is a nice color too.

My friend Don Leichtling just received a new heart down in San Diego and everything is working great! He has a wonderful positive attitude.

Terry DeWald sent a picture that was taken of his son and him in front of Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagatonia.

Walt Borton sent out this piquant reminder through John Morris of the sometimes brutal nature of southwest politics.

Richard Hudgins sends this: https://lithub.com/the-end-of-something-on-radical-change-in-a-time-of-pandemic/

Robert Bijou sent a link to his favorite house music site.

David Adler sends over the excellent site, Trailers from Hell.

Renée sent over a picture of her delicious new banana crop.

Jeff and Gena up in Alaska sent a sign that shows how the natives estimate distance up there. Very cool.

By moose rack and full sized salmon.

Greg sends a picture of clown, one of my favorite epis, hybridized by our old friend George French.

The baby hawks flew the coop yesterday. No sight of them. Usually they stage on dead branches near the nest for a few days.

I hope that I get to see them again.

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