Blue Heron in flight

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Geographically challenged

I don't care what party you vote for, this level of stupid is just plain scary. Not sure how I missed this one.


Sanoguy said...

I believe that I am not surprised... it was funny to a point, sad beyond that.

Blumoon said...

I guess I am delusional because I really am amazed that no one seemed to be able to identify North America

Blue Heron said...

You are driving on the same roads as these people and breathing the same oxygen. THEY WALK AMONG US!

Martin said...

Geography has been a lifelong passion of mine and I'm aware that most people generally don't give a whiffle about which country is which, but still...! Such ignorance is pathetic. And I noticed that several of the subjects of the inquiry were GOPers. No wonder we're where we are politically