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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday errata

I am liking my new iphone a lot. Here is a picture of me in my new Munch t-shirt at the coffee shop this morning.

Although the phone is smaller than what I am used to, the seamless connectivity in the car is so far beyond Android Auto, that alone makes it all worth it.

And the camera is appreciably better although not outstanding. Still getting the hang of the platform of course.

Terry DeWald sent over some incredible shots he took of baby roadrunners. How cool is that?

Hi Robert,

I have been seeing a Road Runner going in and out of the horse barn of our next door neighbor and decided to sneak in there.  Above an old bed frame against a wall inside the barn the Momma Road Runner had made a nest.  As I crept in there and climbed above the nest  and looked down here was what appeared:  5 baby Roadrunner chicks. 

The Momma must have been out scrounging for lizards and bugs.  Trying to feed these guys has to be a full time/overtime job.

When I popped up there to get a look down at them the first two must have thought my motion was that of their mother's as their red mouths opened immediately, and they all started squeaking.  Pretty neat.  If these guys all make it to adulthood as a team they should be able to gang up and devastate Wille E. Coyote in their next cartoon.  

Bill Warmboe has sent some nice shots too. Like this swallowtail. He watches them pretty closely.

1st one of the season. It formed a chrysalis on May 1st.

And a resplendent peacock he captured at Casa De Fruta.

Vlad thinks his neighbors might be having a hard time with this lockdown.

Budweiser and Poise pads. Be careful, people. Don't hurt yourself.

The shingles thing is getting a little better, at least in the front of my torso. My back is still killing me.

I am done with the antiviral. Still waiting for the homeopathic treatment to arrive.

Nothing gives me any real relief and I have tried every conceivable ointment.

I am only getting a couple hours of sleep at might so I get wiped out pretty quick during the day.

Shot a couple birds in the yard yesterday. Nothing special. Here is the scaly breasted munia. And I saw my first phainopepla of the year. Not a great shot but certainly nice to see one in my yard.

Big Dave sent this over:

I was thinking yesterday, all that freedom and liberty people are clamoring for, be careful what you wish for. Just might put you in the graveyard.

Postscript: Shawn sent pics of a bird's nest in his shower in Thailand. Third or fourth time they have picked this spot. Not sure what kind yet. Shawn says that they are yellow breasted lbj's. Which I correctly deduced means little brown jobbers.

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Anonymous said...

What we have here is...a mensch in a Munch. (Might take my act to vaudeville soon)