Friday, May 29, 2020

Open it up?

Supervisor Jim Desmond, who seems to be a really great guy, can not wait until we get the local economy opened up again. He sends out a video almost every day. Today's video was more of the same.

I can't help but think that there is a mixed message being presented here, that the median age of those dying from Covid 19 is 78 years old, as if those people have lived a full life already and are somehow now expendable.

I realize that many people agree with Desmond regarding the need to open things up. I also realize that you can not save the life of every person and that there are terrible costs to being locked down. But as a person undergoing cancer treatment, my odds of dying are twice that of healthy people according to a new study and I am personally going to remain very cautious. Fallbrook was at nine total confirmed cases a month ago, we have inched up to 25 now. There are obviously carriers in our community.

Anyway I wrote the Supervisor a letter, have not received a response but never do, and I publish my query anyway.
Who do you think is infecting those housebound older people? Or rather, how old are they? Asymptomatic young people perhaps? Are we being asked to somehow have less grief for a person who has been allowed to live a full life and gets covid and dies? You've had your shot, get out of the way...The biggest canard is that people of any age will somehow "behave responsibly" when faced with issues of self preservation, one only has to look at pictures from the Ozarks, Alabama or even Pacific Beach last weekend to disabuse yourself of that notion. And what if a teacher doesn't feel safe teaching those kids you want to send back to school. Are you going to fire her or him?
Robert Sommers   
Fallbrook, CA
Will let you know if I ever get a response.

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Scrota Voce said...

What's always left out of the equation is "...compared to (what?)". You say ......
died from such and such, but is that getting off easy? Should it have been more? It's
like getting ticketed on a road with no speed limit sign. How many from heart disease
in the same period, falling off a stool, hit buy a bus, lightning?

'100,000 dead in US from Wuhan virus since March 1st!' Yeah but 45,000 to 50,000 died
in New York's 5 boroughs in the same amount of time...just in NYC, from problems unrelated to the virus. 450-500 die EVERY DAY in NYC, all the time! Damn. Shut it down! 18 million people can't be allowed to be normal!

Since September, 60,000 have died from complications of seasonal flu and colds.

Get the picture...people die.

We had the Hong Kong flu in 1968 and nobody gave a shit. Had thousands die...but dint shut down the country. Party hardy.

Jeff Spicoli