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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Vocational casualties

It is trite at this point to say that the pandemic has turned the world upside down, I don't need to tell anybody. But I was thinking of three distinct avocations that have been seriously affected harder than most. Wonder if they will ever rebound in the future. Or if we have possibly learned that there are things we can do without?

1. Sports nuts. The people that had to watch games constantly in their previous life have had to fill their space doing something else during this down time. Hopefully something constructive or productive. Besides drinking. I wonder if they have yet figured out that they can do without being spectators? With all the brain injury problems I think football is a modern day equivalent of christians and lions. Brutal game. I would not be personally sad if it went bye bye. I wonder how the sports junkies are coping?

2. How have gamblers dealt with being shut out of the casinos? Are they raring to go back and get some action or can they chill out and bide their time? Sit a few hands out. Can you imagine the health risks you take entering a casino? Might as well get a job in a meatpacking plant...

3. Sportswriters. My local paper has consolidated their sports section to a couple pages on the back of the business section. Nothing to cover really, but they have been industrious, repackaging what little history the local teams have that constitutes past glory and mixing in a few spicy anecdotes. But how long can they keep it up if there are no games? I feel for these guys, they are fighting for their jobs right now. Can't write about sports too much if there are no sports to cover. I feel for these guys the most.


island guy said...

Seems to me that sportswriters are sports nuts with a salary. So would art collectors and art dealers get a different treatment in this schema as well? I enjoyed your relatively light hearted take, though. Plenty more vocational casualties out there of course. Practicing my own vocation remotely is laughably impossible,

Anonymous said...

Here's my takeaway:

1. Watching Trump lose his mind in full view is the new spectator sport.
2. Unemployment benefits are more lucrative than work.
3. I'd rather be in a smoke filled virus infested casino than on an overcrowded beach
with and endless display fat chicks in bikinis.

The bottom line: Drinking works.