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Sunday, May 24, 2020

The great thinning continues...

Ocean City, Maryland 5.23.20 - Kevin Lamarque
In Oklahoma pork packing town, Covid 19 spurs faith and fear.
...Still, some people in Guymon are dismissive of the COVID-19 risk, calling mask wearers “sheep” or suggesting God will protect those who have faith.“Being country people, it seems like our immunity is a lot higher, and we have Jesus,” says Kalye Griffin, 42, owner of the Top Hand Western Store.
I honestly think Jesus can do a lot of wonderful things for people but I don't think protecting ignorant rednecks taking needless risks from Covid 19 is real high on his current "to do" list. I think self inflicted wounds rank a bit lower on the divine triage docket. But what do I know?

I saw this interesting comment on a Fox page I was trolling today, from Shoriyuken:

I mean as morbid as it sounds I would agree that liquor stores are more essential than churches. You don't want to simultaneously cut alcoholics off from their source and confine them to their homes; the physical and mental ramifications for them and those around them would be devastating. Also God is everywhere, booze is not.


Ken Seals said...

Have to both laugh and cry over this post :-)

Anonymous said...

As Scrooge once said decrease the surplus population.
Deli guy

Wilbur Norman said...

Love that line, "... God is everywhere, booze is not."
If one happens to be a believer and a drinker, that ought to resonate!
I'll be using this one with my religious friends.

Ken Seals said...

I would like to see your opinions of the Guymon situation backed up with some real statistics.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Unfortunately God is nowhere except in the minds of His minions. Booze is everywhere, also unfortunately.

Blue Heron said...

Second biggest spot in Oklahoma right now. What kind of statistics do you want?

Check this link out: