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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Flower Moon

Moon over Red Mountain
The greatest full moon visual I ever saw was one that I unfortunately failed to even get a shot of. But it is etched firmly in the memory bank.

Dave and Amy Jacobs and I were at their place in San Francisco and we decided to head to Sausalito for dinner at a place called Fish.

We took their car and I left my camera rig in mine in the city. Stupid.

On the way back from Marin we dipped over the hill and were confronted with the most beautiful full and golden supermoon you ever saw.

It was totally eclipsing right under the Golden Gate Bridge. A perfect composition and a once in a lifetime event.

There had to be a hundred photographers set up on the slope with their tripods, getting the shot of their life. But not me.

I was so frustrated and bummed to be on the outside looking in. If I had only taken my own car!

Tonight is the last and I believe largest supermoon of the year, the Flower Moon. It is also known as the Milk Moon and the Corn Planting Moon. Its peak will be at 3:45 a.m. P.S.T..

But you don't want to get a picture of it then, you want to shoot it first crack this evening with something in front of it for scale and contrast. Use anything, a camera, your iphone, but grab a shot.

If you are lucky enough to live in a big city, it will look great with a tall building in front of it.

We have a place picked out that should afford us a good view if we can get in. Hope you all grab some great shots too and send them to me. I am looking forward to posting them.


Ken Seals said...

Lucky to live in a a big city --- NOT!

Blue Heron said...

Did you know that San Marcos is doing very well in the covid department relative to other cities?