Thursday, May 28, 2020

Red tailed and avian prey

I guess I should apologize for the rather graphic nature of this one. The universe operates with a very cutthroat equation, much of the time. Predators and prey. Unfortunately, the raptors have not as yet had their kumbaya moment. Neither have many humans for that matter.

Still I find this picture rather interesting. To my knowledge, red tailed hawks are not really bird eaters, preferring small mammals. Now your Red shouldered and Cooper's hawks will eat small birds as will the falcons, eagles and harriers but this series of shots might be a new one for me. Will have to look at my files.


KAT JOY said...

Nice shot. I'm never offended by nature, except the humankind of violence. I guess I shouldn't expect more from people, so many of then voted for a "pig". What kind of lens did you use for this shot?

Blue Heron said...

I will have to look but I think the 400mm 2.8 fl.