Peregrine flight

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Young hawk with eye shield up

I don't know that I have ever taken a picture of a red tailed hawk quite so young with a nicitating membrane activated.

Close, but not in the nest prior to fledging.

This membrane is a transparent third eyelid or haw that moves horizontally across the eye and keeps it moist and also keeps the dust out.

It is common in many animals including reptiles and birds and also present in camels and polar bears among other species.

Kind of cool. Their wings are so pristine and full of color at this young stage.

They are being a bit more cooperative this morning.

One of the two siblings is actually out of nest today, albeit a few inches away on a safe branch.

No sign of number three but I am not going to start worrying yet. Been fooled too many times before.

postscript: actually you can see the feathers of number three in the left foreground. my bad.


Ken Seals said...

Thanks, these are great so see, doing so well!

Julie Reeder said...

Very cool!