Friday, May 22, 2020

Violet hummer

As far as I can discern, well, according to bird guru Phil Unitt, who is the final authority around these parts, the violet crowned hummingbird, amazilia violiceps, has been found nine times previously in California but until now, only once ever in San Diego. This relatively large, not to mention gorgeous bird, was not even sighted nesting north of the Mexican border until 1959.

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They don't tend to stick around too long. One hung out in Los Angeles for five days in May of 1987.

Well, lo and behold, one has shown up around here for the first time in a great while.

At a clothing optional resort near Jacumba. The resort people are being accommodating to select groups of birders but no cameras or scopes allowed. No ogling the fauna permitted.

And please don't leer at the bird either. It is a bit self conscious. Sort of a shrinking violet.

No wandering around on your own either. Might get your bushtit in a wringer. Don't want to sound like an alarmist but that is the naked truth. And I have no skin in the game.

This came in this afternoon from the San Diego Birding Group:
Today, 22 May, a small group, with coordination through the homeowner and resort management did a brief exploratory trip today, saw the bird, and discussed future access possibilities as access was not granted indefinitely. Pre-arranged, group permission (see below) was granted for a small number of people tomorrow (Saturday), but no solo at-will visitation is allowed. Additionally, you must comply with the following rules and guidance below. Keep in mind this is a "clothing optional" resort, and, although our interactions were extremely limited, residents are likely uncomfortable with large numbers of clothed people carrying optics. 
I'm actually very sympatico. I am not quite comfortable with people that wear clothes either. Residents are not down with clothed people carrying optics, but I imagine that if you disrobe, in the general spirit of the event, you will have a far better reception. Bring lotion.

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Wilbur Norman said...

If you go, take a sign and leave it,

"No ogling the birds"