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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Antique Austrian Secessionist Side Cabinet

I have purchased a very interesting and beautiful Austrian secessionist side or wine cabinet circa 1905-1910.

I rarely buy furniture of any kind anymore but I love this Viennese jugendstil period bridging arts and crafts and art nouveau. Grand and refined.

It is almost impossible to find in the current day and age. Not exactly de rigueur but my clients, like me, have always been slightly different.

A young woman received this from her late grandmother but was moving into a tiny home and needed a place for it. She found me.

It's actually a very nice size, not too big. If you need one I will take a measurement.

Beautiful inlay, marble top and a gold leafing of brocade and dogwood that matches the secessionist iconography in the hand carved friezes.

Wonderful original hardware.

The skeleton key works on the bottom but not yet at the top so I am going to have Bruce take another look at it.

I believe that it is walnut. Needs a good paste wax and minor touch up but beautiful as it sits.

It may not go with your Jetson designed plastic boomerang table, but then again, it might...

It is signed with a pyrographic Weitlaner, Wien with an address of 14 Linterstrasse 302. I have not as yet tracked down the specific company.

I sent a picture to a friend who likes this sort of thing but have no idea if he wants it or needs it and wanted to share it with you because I love it so much, something I rarely do on the blast.

Let me know if you are interested, will not be very expensive at all. And If I get to keep it and enjoy it for a while, well, that will be enjoyable too.

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Jim said...

I enjoyed reading about your morning, Robert. It was bitter-sweet. Nice.

I love the Austrian sideboard. High end early 20th-century continental furniture has always intrigued me - unusual and rare. Thank you for that.

It takes me a week to get through your essays. I am a slow reader, but they are appreciated now more than ever. Always so tender and kind, just like you, Robert. I miss you.