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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mask shamers

Tony called from Arizona.  He is doing a show. He said very few people he has seen, at least relative to California, are wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

Nothing to see here folks, problem solved, the covid 19 hoax is over. Go back to your business and pretend nothing has happened.

Two three interesting articles today caught my eye.




By all means, red state dipshits, proclaim your idiocy for all to see.


Jon Harwood said...

The picture looks better here in Fallbrook I think. I saw some "rugged individualists", all male, at Albertsons last week but very little "nonconformity" at Major Market. At Joe's hardware last week I saw a few bare faces but by today there were about six signs ringing the entrance saying that San Diego is enforcing the masks and they are required. I also saw 100% compliance atJoe's today. I suspect code enforcement or the Sheriffs may have had some heart to heart talks with managers about compliance but I don't actually know.

I think that our local libertarians or whatever those folks are who feel that their mask "tastes like socialism", might be something that the rest of us can cope with quite effectively. As long as a person can maintain a decent distance and wears her or his own mask that offers pretty reasonable protection. So perhaps we don't have to feel so peeved by the plain face people. It is not in any way ideal but caution for one's self and a willingness to retreat from or avoid unsafe situations gives the individual mask wearing person a level of protection and control.

What else can one do once a disease is politicized. There isn't much way to avoid politicizing something this important as crappy as that situation is. As long as some bozo doesn't rip my mask off and kiss me, I think I might just get through this.

A corollary: From a disease transmission viewpoint I suspect that the many people who have no idea how to properly wear masks are a bigger danger statistically than those who simply refuse simply because there are so many more people who unfortunately just don't get the basics. My favorites are the ones with the mask over the mouth and under the nose with a close second being those who constantly fool with the mask. All bozo no no's.

Blue Heron said...

Happy birthday Jon.

Jon Harwood said...

I'm old now.

Beth Newcomer said...

Isn't this anti-mask business a simple matter of bad manners? We wear the mask for other people. Because, "WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!!" to quote the great George Costanza.

Blue Heron said...

Whatever happened to "protect the hive?"

Ken Seals said...

Would love to see this followed up with some statistics in a week or two.