Egret and crab

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The day before

We were treated to a lovely and magical Fallbrook sunset last night, towering cumulus clouds in sweet sherbet tones of carmine and titian. Leslie thought that there might have been rain to the east and she was correct, I had a friend who was rained on in Sage yesterday afternoon.

I drove by the nest on the way home and saw that the mother hawk was feeding what looked like a rabbit to her brood.

The lighting and shadows were difficult and honestly, I flubbed the settings and muffed the focus.

Lazily handheld outside my car window. Jettisoned some awful failed attempts.

I don't believe that you can win and nail the shot every time. If you can, you are a much better photographer than I am.

Show me a person who never fails and I will show you a person who never tries hard enough.

No big, I will get it next time.


Martin said...

Re: the sunset pic - Max Parrish clouds in a Max Parrish sky - good job!

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Martin, that is what my wife said too. Wasn't conscious. I can do Parrish perfect if I want to, will show you one of these days.