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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Stay Positive

Morning moon near Gavilan
I had mentioned good news. In spite of all the crap and misery I have had three different friends tell me recently that this pandemic has actually been good for their growth as human beings.

One said that he had been personally reassessing and now had a totally new understanding of what was truly important in his life.

Another has had an epiphany and had decided to cut out certain relationships in his life that he felt were no longer reciprocal.

Many of us rush through life, have little alone time for ourselves. This break has certainly given us time to ponder and find meaning in the solitude.

Maybe we use this opportunity to work on our "stuff"?

There was a story in the Guardian today that I thought was neat and up lifting. A bunch of boys are stranded on a remote island. And they don't eat each other and they don't turn into Lord of the Flies. They survive and thrive by working together.

And it all works out.

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Liz said...

I am also looking at the world differently than I used to. I refuse to spend a year or so screaming about being stuck at home.

Instead I am deepening my relationships with people I adore but only saw occasionally. Also,I am no longer so worried about how mg will react to being retired.