Blue Heron in flight

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Partisan bone

I was talking to a friend I had not spoken with in a long time yesterday. We both discussed the fact that there is nothing like a life threatening crisis to drive a truck through our normally pleasant relationships with those of a different political inclination. He is right.

While I have no problem in normal times congregating with my right wing friends, this crisis has exacerbated our divisions and made it difficult to have a dialogue. The Fox news silo is so impenetrable that we are all living in different worlds right now. I know, I read everything across the bandwidth from Crooks and Liars to Breitbart. The shared intimacy of sitting around a table chatting is gone and we are so much chippier on our electronic devices, even mad at times. Everybody, both sides. Our lives are upside down and we are angry and it must be the other side's fault.

So it is almost easier to unplug, regroup later and don't burn bridges. But here is a little red meat for my liberal friends anyway. Others don't look.


Barbara Aplington said...

Great article, thanks Robert!

Liz said...

I was listening to some shuffled music and Working Class Hero came up. I had just read you for the day and it hit. You should put up a link to it - I prefer Marianne Faithful's version but I also adore Lennon's version.