Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

West 88th Street Lockdown Band

I hope that I am not getting any of this wrong but at some point during the pandemic lockdown my great friend Stan Schnier went out on his second floor balcony on the west side of New York City and started playing the lap steel. Right down the street from where I went to High School at Walden. Stan has a long history as a musician, played in the Incredible String Band way back when.

I think that a sax player answered his clarion call and they started playing nightly duets. People started hanging out the windows to listen. More people showed up to play. It looks like it has turned into a regular pandemic jam session. Sundays at seven. This is another reason I love Manhattan, stuff like this.

Sounds great, Stan!


Victoria Roberts Art Assemblage said...

That's Stan alright! The Sunday Jam for the neighborhood! Wish I could be there ;-)

Blue Heron said...