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Friday, May 8, 2020


I got the Covid -19 test this morning up in Perris. I feel okay but just want to make sure that I am not infected since a close associate was recently sick with the contagion.

It is not painful, mildly uncomfortable, but only for a second. No big deal at all.

Supervisor Jim Desmond's office sent the link for the free test, had my choice of facilities. I thought it was important because I am definitely immune compromised.

I get results in 72 hours. I wonder if the BCG has given me secret superpowers?

The testing facility was ten minutes from my wildlife sanctuary. I ran over afterwards and snapped a picture of this red tailed hawk.

Then I got a message I had to deal with and was forced to go back to the office and take care of pressing matters. Would have loved to stay out there but, another time.

I am pretty tired and beat up this afternoon, have some things I want to write about but don't have it in me.

I don't particularly feel like filling the political outrage machine, but that route is seemingly always available. I do have something rather positive internally percolating and hope to write about it when I have more gas in my tank.

So now to you guys. Stephanie and Brian have dove babies nesting at their place. Very cool.

I took some classic pictures of the hawk babies yesterday afternoon and then accidentally erased them last night. Oh well...

Bill has a couple gorgeous new iris blooms.

I love this one!

And a shot of the moon in Cardiff from Lena.

A Fallbrook full moon shot over Wilt Rd. from Renee.

Wilbur wrote a thoughtful eulogy to a friend.

Not a heck of a lot else to report. I sent Fillmore this:

And received this back.

Guess it is only fair.

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