Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday mail and flowers

cactus flower from Renee's
Got a couple submissions from you folks to share this week.

lemon mist
Greg has been making pickles and enjoying his beautiful epiphyllums.

These look really great.

Renee has an epi flowering up a storm too. Looks like King Midas to me but I have been out of the epi world for a long time.

My friend and neighbor Stephanie had a pair of blue herons in her tree yesterday.

Been a long time since I have seen a pair in our valley. Excellent. She also told me she saw three babies in the nest today so that is good.

Beth made me a little jealous. Had four hooded orioles in her fountain at one time this week.

She says.

No picture. 😜 Right.

Mike took this picture of the Pipeline in January and sent it in.

Warmboe has had a whole bunch more beautiful iris spikes. Even pretty in crosslight.

This is my only contribution from home. We have an awful lot of quail hanging out. This is from early this morning.

Not real sharp but they are sure cute.

I think that is it.

Please keep sending. They don't have to look professional, look at mine.

More flowers will keep me from obsessing on politics.

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Sanoguy said...

Lots of talented folks out there in Blast Land!