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Sunday, May 3, 2020

iphone catechism

I always get weirded out when people undergo late life conversions to hedge their bets. Atheists their whole life, they conveniently get religion on the way to the funeral parlor. A death insurance policy, if you will.

And now, as we approach the covid end times, even Leslie and I are converting. Yup. Both Google android users the whole breadth of the cell phone revolution, we are now officially changing sides. Bought two i phone SE phones yesterday. Flipping our orientation, as it were.

I'm a little terrified. Not just the migration of data from one platform to the other, it's the total ignorance of the ios. We both use Macs at office and work but I'm not sure how to integrate calendars and gmail, don't know which cool apps we are going to have to have, how to set up my Apple Car? Completely lost in the Apple wilderness.

Can you help a repentant sinner out here?


Jon Harwood said...

I have the prior version of the SE, it is quite nice. Migrating data is beyond me though as I am a cell phone lightweight.

Liz said...

Mg and Morgan got me an iPhone for yule. I hated my android and love the iPhone.don't use it for much other than cell and texting,but it's really better.

Ken Seals said...

I bet the Kipper can help you :-)

Kent said...

Welcome to the cult.

Sanoguy said...

Welcome aboard! You just made my Apple stock a little more valuable!

Anonymous said...

You're going to hate it.

island guy said...

Plenty of plusses and minuses. You’ll need to accept their predatory commercialization or you will spend too much time fuming. The cross platform connectivity and ‘intuitive’ controls will seem essential after a short time. Tip - do the family and friends thing right away to share apps with no extra buy, and go over all the privacy and location settings soon.