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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Necessita ayuda

Debbie sent this over and I think that it is really important to read: 2 Major San Diego Hospital Chains Seek ‘Urgent’ Federal Help on Border.

The South Bay, Chula Vista and the border areas are really getting hit hard with Covid-19. Scripps Health and Sharp Healthcare are asking the federal government for help. Microbes don't recognize borders. Tijuana is in very bad shape and it could make things worse throughout the region.
“We ask that the Centers for Disease Control, in coordination with Customs and Border Patrol, immediately begin medical checks to protect public health and expedite the free flow of critical goods and essential personnel. We also request priority status to receive more personal protective equipment (PPE) and pharmaceutical supplies in the San Diego region for both standard care and COVID‐19 care.”
“We also need the federal government to put pressure on Mexico to enforce social‐distancing and shelter‐in‐place policies as we have done in the United States,” said the execs, who noted that Scripps Health and Sharp HealthCare treat more than 60% of the region’s COVID‐19 patients.
They are worried that another spike will overwhelm their capacity. And note that, regardless of the popular misconception, the curve in the region is not flattening.
“That is not the case,” they said. “Hospital COVID‐19 cases in the southern part of our region continue to rise. Any impression that we are flattening our curve ignores the threat south of the border and the fact that providers in the San Diego region do not have adequate supplies to meet the projections we anticipate as a result of the increasing cases in our border communities.”
Workers bury coronavirus victims in crowded Tijuana public ceremony.

Marcus Yam - Los Angeles Times

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