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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Steve Kaufmann

Xiaoma, my favorite polyglot, introduces us to Steve Kaufmann, an older gentleman and ex diplomat who speaks sixteen languages. I am fascinated and impressed by people like this, my own grandfather spoke eight or nine different languages, I am not exactly sure which ones but I have a fair idea. My father was very fluent in three. I am linguistically inclined and wish that I had pursued the acquisition of language with more rigor and discipline. My Hebrew is very rusty at this point but I am fairly functional in three, especially English and Spanish. I always wanted to learn Italian. Have studied French, German and Sign, which was my second language in college (all with little longstanding effect.)

Interesting that so many Asian boys choose female avatars in these VR chats. Is there a psycho sexual reason? Anyway, good for Steve, he seems like an amazing guy. It would be great to be able to communicate with so many different peoples and cultures. It is interesting to me how so many Jewish people seem to have the polyglot facility, it's not a matter of being smart, wonder if there is something wired differently in their brains, some innate elasticity or if it is a result of their being a wandering people in the diaspora for so long. Better be able to talk to the hosts, I guess.

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