Nocturnal battle

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I jumped on my computer at work this afternoon and after grabbing the mouse and assuming the position I felt the familiar pinch back in my neck. My mind said "Aha! That's what is causing my neck pain. Too much time on the computer. My god, I've got blogitis (pronounced blog eye tis)!"

Seriously, I should have it. I have been on a terror tear. This is my 137th post of the month, my second highest total in several years, only trailing June of 2018 with 147. I have time on my hands, I have a lot to say and I am letting it rip. I used to care about moving forward too quickly, worried that jewels of the past were getting buried, not anymore.

I am moving forward and I won't wait for you to keep up. Thirty six more blogs and I am at 9000 total, now in our thirteenth year, the blog birthday was the beginning of March, on the third I believe. I had forty percent more hits this month too, 46,696, so readership is definitely up. I had been running about eight hundred to a thousand a day, now it is much more than that. Of course the national links didn't hurt and in the final analysis who cares anyway?

Of course there was a time it was two thousand to twenty five hundred views a day but Google changed their algorithm somewhere along the way and I got buried. Which is sort of good because I would look too many things up back then while researching and see my own information come up.  I was globally saturated. Which is seriously not right.

Anyway I have heard from several readers and lurkers lately and want everybody to know that I appreciate your readership and also welcome your contributions. If you have something to say, please say it, anonymously if you wish, I don't have to be the constant megaphone. Everybody stay well.

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Liz said...

I am so happy that you are being listened to. If you get a chance listen to episode 153 of getting curious with Jonathon van Ness. His podcasts are usually good,but this one is excellent