Peregrine flight

Monday, March 30, 2020

Almost time.

Somebody gave me this roll of toilet paper last year, sort of as a joke. never thought that I might actually have to use it. Thank you Mr. President. You were made for the roll, er role.

Lots of people looking, like me, rather shaggy these days. Unless your spouse cuts your hair. Mine doesn't. I can wait. Lady at coffee's hair looked too good, so I asked. She goes to her barber's house but he will only cut her's as a favor. I get it.

Have a pinched nerve in my upper back that is debilitating me. Hope it works itself out. Going to try to finish the book I am currently reading, The Stranger by Camus. I know, the Plague would have been more timely. This is a difficult book with a difficult, diffident character, not quite capable of feeling.

Such a beautiful day in Southern California! Perfect weather, my place is looking so good with all the wisteria, will try to post a shot tomorrow.

I was looking around my shop today and was thinking what a shame. I have so many beautiful paintings right now and no one is looking at them. Just a great collection of material, completely invisible.

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Sandra Kinsler said...

Have my rolls all ready to go when the time comes!